A Warm Blanket - a YA Short Story by C.L. Stegall
A Warm Blanket – a YA Short Story by C.L. Stegall


Innocence Lost

Two friends. One night. An incredible secret.

After Kit’s birthday party, she invites Josh to meet her at a rundown house where she reveals a secret that changes both of their lives.

Josh and Kit will be bound forever. Yet, forever never lasts.

A coming-of-age tale that will linger long after the last word is read.


Amy's Ogre - a short story by CL Stegall
Amy’s Ogre – a short story by CL Stegall


You Have to Believe

Amy is a young girl on the cusp of losing her faith in the innocence of the natural world around her, Indeed, she faces a terrible fate. Her friends – fairies, brownies, and more – try desperately to help the girl but she is caught in a web of fear that threatens to cost her everything.

If only she’d believe.

Amy’s Ogre is a tale of the merging of fantasy and reality, a modern fairy tale that holds deep emotion and infinite possibilities.

One Night In Hollywood - by C.L. Stegall
One Night In Hollywood – a Valensi Chronicle by C.L. Stegall

Sometimes It Sucks

Tripp has been around a long time; such is the life of a Valensi. He has seen so much over so many decades in Hollywood.

Still, he loves this town, with its stars and seediness and never-ending-entertainment.

When he meets the blue-haired Greta, however, at a movie industry party, he suspects he might just be in for more than he bargained for.


One Night in Hollywood is a short story from the Valensi Chronicles.


The Black Stair - a short story by CL Stegall
The Black Stair – a short story by CL Stegall

A modern take on the fairy tale of Rapunzel.

(originally published in the anthology, Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth Reimagined & Remastered by Bearded Scribe Press)

Locked alone in an isolated tower for over thirteen years, Sage is being punished for a crime she does not remember. Sage is dangerous. Even more dangerous, though, is what happens when a young girl’s eyes are opened to love and possibility for the first time.

Sometimes desire can be tainted by darkness.

And darkness always comes with a price.