The Ordeal - a novella by CL Stegall


Hollywood Can Kill

Kimberly Severance is an up and coming actress when a terrible twist of fate threatens to destroy her career – and life – just as it is really starting.

Six years later, Kim has tried to put the past behind her and make a fresh start. She is now a top name in Hollywood and a powerful woman in her own right. When a figure from her past resurfaces, Kim realizes you can never escape your misdeeds.

But, Kim is not the same frightened little girl she was those long six years past. She feels much more prepared to face the dangers that accompany being a person of fame. And, she will stop at nothing to protect all that she has accomplished.

Will this twist be the one to destroy her? Or, will she be able to face down the demons of fame once more?

A Case of Wrath - a Valensi chronicle novella by CL Stegall


Eat Your Heart Out

Dallas Police Detective Sean Fennema has seen some weird things in his career, and some have never left him. Now, a series of brutal murders is vexing the department and Fennema is frustrated that his prime suspect, novelist Damon Gables, seems to have an airtight alibi for each of the murders.

As Fennema runs down every lead, he soon learns that Damon is in as much danger as the murderer’s victims and a terrible truth begins to unfold. Could a case of serial killing actually be a series of targeted attacks spanning centuries? If Fennema is in over his head, can Damon rise to the challenge? Or, will they both be victims in a case of wrath?

A Case of Wrath is the first in a series of shorter tales of the Valensi, following the events in The Waif’s Tale.



Justice Comes For Us All.

White Sands - a novel by C.L. Stegall
White Sands – a novel by C.L. Stegall

Nova Watson was only seven years old when the world died.

Now, thirteen years later, as a young woman facing a desolate future, she discovers a possible link to the origin of the greatest atrocity in all of history.

With a reluctant companion in tow, Nova sets out on a dangerous mission.

After all, there is no one else left to set things right.

Can she trust this new guy, who apparently knows her and has taken up residence in her home? Can she come to terms with her own connection to the near-extinction of mankind? Can she do what she knows must be done and still keep the promise she made when she was only a child?


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