Justice Comes For Us All.

White Sands - a novel by C.L. Stegall
White Sands – a novel by C.L. Stegall

Nova Watson was only seven years old when the world died.

Now, thirteen years later, as a young woman facing a desolate future, she discovers a possible link to the origin of the greatest atrocity in all of history.

With a reluctant companion in tow, Nova sets out on a dangerous mission.

After all, there is no one else left to set things right.

Can she trust this new guy, who apparently knows her and has taken up residence in her home? Can she come to terms with her own connection to the near-extinction of mankind? Can she do what she knows must be done and still keep the promise she made when she was only a child?



EXCERPT: Chapter 1

Scar Tissue


One of the earliest things I remember was the voice of my father, before the end of the world, telling me to always watch my six. He had begun telling me that before I could walk, I think.

These days it only takes a second. Hell. Half a second. And, next thing you know, you’re a Vulture plaything. And, then, you’re dead.

A decade of training. It was the only thing that saved me. I heard the shuffle of his feet as he swung that sucker punch at the back of my head. Reflex took over. I dropped my body down, twisting to the left as my right hand drew my best friend Wilma. The bullet plowed into his chest, the life chuffing out of him before he hit the ground.

The second son-of-a-bitch was damned graceful for a Vulture. He followed my movement, darting behind me as I shot his companion. Before I could recover and turn to fully face him, he swung a length of metal pipe at my head and I wasn’t quite quick enough. It ricocheted off the top of my skull.

I saw a billion pinpoints of light explode behind my eyes, even as I twisted and pulled the trigger on Betty. I was graced with the crimson vision of the back of his head spewing out into the New Mexico sky just as my own noggin slammed into the filthy pavement.

I was pissed beyond belief. If I could have cursed, I would’ve. Instead, what came out of my mouth was a mumble of nonsense. The azure sky collapsed into darkness. Just like my Donald Duck night light had when the world was dying.